Hunting & Fishing in Parshall, Colorado

Hunters are welcome! (At an additional fee)

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Hunting rates:

Hunting is one of the pastimes enjoyed in the William’s Fork region

  • Williams peak $250 per night up to three guests $75 each guest after three
  • Byers Peak $200 per night up to two guests $75 per Guest after two.
  • Copper peak $150 per night up to two guests $75 per Guest after first two

We are sorry but Bill’s Cabin is not open during hunting seasons. Hunting is only open to those who have reservations to stay in the lodge. No camping. No access. Please call Dale to discuss hunting before booking.


The Abundant Wildlife and Creatures

Hunting season is popular at the lodge, and hunters can lay their heads to rest after a day’s successful hunt. Hunting is self-guided on public property and in national forest. We do not allow any hunting on our property. We always practice safety during the seasons, and only accept maximum parties of 10.

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Hunting Safety, Rules, and More

Please review our full policy and rules guide.

Even with self-guided hunting, we always practice safety. We recommend hunting parties of a maximum of 10 people at a time. Your deposit refund depends on you because you are fully responsible for looking after the items supplied in the unit and cleaning your allocated room. You can book the building for a private hunt and when doing so you can drive your ATV to the gate. You can also bring your horse, should you prefer, and we will provide a corral. There’s also an option to use Sombrero Stables as they do deliveries.

Big Game Brochure

Bring your flyrod, boat and outriggers, or grandpa‘s fishing pole with a bobber, because with close to 1,000 miles of streams and rivers, nearly 1,000 acres of high mountain lakes and 11,000 acres of reservoirs & stocked ponds, there are fishing opportunities for everyone in Grand County. Wading, floating, boating, ice fishing or fishing from the shore; it’s your choice all four seasons.

From remote and pristine to easily accessed locations, the combination of great fishing, wildlife and stunning views it is truly an experience of a lifetime! Many areas are designated by the Colorado Division of Wildlife as Gold Medal Waters.

Fishing Brochure


Depending upon the season that you visit Williams Fork lodging, you may see elk in various locations of their migration. During the fall, you may hear their mating calls.

Bears and more

Black bears, mule deer, mountain lions are abundant in our area! Our guest book is full of sightings of moose and bear. Hummingbirds and more June, July & August bring abundant wildflowers and blooming berry bushes which makes our area very popular with hummingbirds.


We have an abundance of moose in the region. It’s not unlikely for you to see one hanging out at the lodge. Although these animals appear docile, please be wary of them and avoid approaching, and of course, keep your dogs on a leash. They are beautiful to watch roaming around.

The Wild West

Agriculture and cattle ranching are abundant in Grand County in fact the cattle rule! Open range is a unique law in Colorado, livestock owners are not required to fence their livestock in. Instead, if land owners want to keep livestock off their property, they must fence the livestock out.

It is not uncommon to come upon a herd of cows or horses on the road or even a drive taking place! Grass fed Farm to table options is available in several locations and available to purchase for a home cooked meal of your own.

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