Hunting at Williams Fork

Our elevation is roughly 8,400 at the Lodge ascending to 10,000 feet in elevation on the Williams Fork Range.

The various game is abundant in the Williams Fork Range: the elk herd is one of the largest in the area, we see elk practically every month of the year. Early spring and early winter the herd starts to group together for their short migration to lower altitude near Parshall Divide…it’s truly spectacular to see elk in these large numbers flowing together down the ridge en masse. You will most likely hear them before you see them!

A hunter’s paradise! Start hunting practically from your door!

We are adjacent to a section of public land that has ingress to the national forest, located in game unit 28.
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Our moose population has grown over the years and the mule deer are very abundant as are the bear.

For safety reasons, a maximum of 10 hunters is allowed at a time (additional lodging guests are welcome).

The refund of your deposit is dependent on you. You are responsible for the overall general cleaning of your room and zero damage. Cleaning items are supplied.

Should you wish to rent the whole building for a private hunt, you may ride your ATV or drive out to the gate to enter state lands to begin your hunt, or bring your horse as we have a corral! Otherwise, Sombrero Stables delivers!


Rent the whole building (up to 10 people) $675.00 per night

Byers Peak Suite: $210.00 two people per night $75.00 each additional guest

Williams Peak Suite: $260.00 (three people) per night $75.00 each additional guest

Copper Peak Suite: $160.00 (two people) per night $75.00 each additional guest


Camp cook available! Call to make arrangements and cost.

A non-refundable holding deposit of $100.00 applies to each Lodge unit.                                    If the draw is successful, this deposit will be applied to your cleaning/damage deposit. A refundable cleaning and damage deposit will reflect one night lodging rate. A good general clean is YOUR responsibility unless you make prior arrangements and pay a fee.                        Horses are YOUR responsibility, including clean-up.                                                                    4 night minimum reservation required.                                                                                          NO SATURDAY CHECK-OUT                                                                               Cash/check discount.