Weddings and Special Events

Weddings, commitment ceremonies, anniversaries, celebration of life, bible study, meditation, yoga, Art class

Are you considering a celebration? Williams Fork lodging is the perfect place for your celebratory desires.

Imagine the hummingbirds flitting amongst your guests as they feast on flowers during your special event. 

Choose from various idealistic venue opportunities at Williams Fork Lodging as well as an al’a carte service menu. 

Our new 12×19 deck has been created for easy access and viewing from the lodge deck and balcony.

The deck overlooks the valley and grand vista view it is a perfect spot for a wedding ceremony.

The terrain, decks, and boardwalk create a (bleacher) type view of your ceremony enabling for everyone to enjoy the celebration from a comfortable spot. No need to navigate the terrain. 

The lower deck of the Williams Peak is handicap accessible and a perfect spot to view and enjoy the festivities.  

The balcony if the Byers Peak suite provides a bird’s eye view of the festivities yet allows for some privacy and a place to escape the excitement for awhile.

Please call and make an appointment to tour the area and choose your perfect spot!